Monday, July 8, 2013


Error Description Patch file

Primary key violation error in Regeneration of files for SO form in online module at HO DBDE_RegSO

Difference in live accounts data between DET and DBAnalyzer DETFile

Primary key violation error in Project Arrow forms in online module PA_Forms

Primary key violation error in RD - Account Close by BO form in online module RD_BO

Availability of multiple signatures for a single account Signature

NREGAEMO database error while logging into online module / invalid user 'nrega' in DBAnalyzer Upd_Nrega_User

Unable to update common form number error in online module Update_Cmnform

Cannot alter previous day’s transactions error in SOSB module Update_Cons

Longer time taken for processing of forms in online module Update_DB

Data entry module could not be opened due to wrong password Update_DE

Run patch for NSC / KVP error while issuing / discharging certificates in online module Update_Fresh

Database tampered - Rows conflict error in negative list updation Update_NL_Fresh

NREGS tables are not available in POST / SO databases Update_NR_Tables

NREGS job card renewal to be performed Update_NREGS

Invalid pincode error while discharging certificates in online module Update_Patram_Details

Primary key violation error (pending status) in RD deposit form Update_Pending

Forms pending error during day end even though no forms are pending for authorisation Update_Pending_DayEnd

Primary key violation in ‘account open through agent’ table  while performing RD bulk posting Update_PK

Invalid object name error while viewing Agent reports Update_Report

Stored procedures missing in POST / SO databases and Error while viewing passbook for RD accounts Update_SP

Patch cannot be run from client system while running 'Patch for SPUser' during fresh installation Update_SQL2008

Superuser password forgotton Update_Suser

Missing tables in POST / SO databases Update_Tables

Database tampered error in negative list updation Update_Trigger

Form 'Regeneration of files for HO' missing in online module in SOs Upg_SOForms

Form ''Re-generation of files for S.O' missing in online module in HO Upg_HOForms

Form 'MIS - Excess Withdrawal' missing in online module in HOs Upg_MIS_EW

Form 'RD - Account Close BO only' missing in online module Upg_RD_BO

Form 'Ledger Corrections' missing in online module Upg_HOForms

Login failed for user 'Arrow' error Arrow

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