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How to book HSC/SSC parcel under head BNPL

How to book HSC/SSC parcel under head BNPL
Check that data received from the school is in the following format
Data File Structure for Customer Data:
Column A. Serial No
Column B. Name,
Column C. Add1,
Column D. Add2,
Column E. Add3,
Column F. City,
Column G. Pincode,
Column H. Barcode,
Column I. Reference Number
1.First row should contain only Column names not actual Data
2.Excel File - Sheet name should be Sheet1 Only. It shouldn't
be renamed with any other names.
The field size in the data file should be as follows:
Field Type MaxLength
Addressee name (name) Char 30
Addressee address(addr1) Char 30
Addressee destination(city) Char 15
Pin code Numeric 6
Article number Char 13
Customer Reference Number Char 30
Note: The data should conform to the above specifications.
If not, upload not possible.
Compulsory Fields in the File are:
Serial Number,Name,Add1,Pincode,Barcode,Reference Number
Please ensure that articles are arranged in same order as they appear in the list

In Speed net under head BNPL take following steps
BNPL > upload excel data file > continue > (select) Maharashtra board > click on (...) > open the excel file where the above mentioned data stored > upload data> click OK > (if pin codes are not correct make necessary changes and save) click on next > select article type – EXPRESS PARCEL > fetch data > (on right side enter article no i. e. bar code > in weight column enter weight > click on calculate tariff (do the same procedure for all articles and check down whether weight enter was correct or not ) > after entering all weight on left side enter total weight as 0 > click book > (if any pin code is wrong enter correct pin code by selecting it and with the help of PIN CODE WISE option and save one by one) click on finish button in pin code screen > click book > message received that articles booked.

After booking all articles go to ISSUE in speed net > CLOSING OF EPP BAGS and close the bags as we does normally

After closing of bag dispatch all the bags by entering there label nos as we does normally.

After you finished dispatching of bag go to – TOOLS on speed net> FLUSH DATA > select SELECTED PERIOD and FLUSH DATA NOW > click OK > message will appear data flushed successfully

For checking the bill for BNPL customer go to report > BNPL > customer report> daily detailed> select all necessary options and report will appear.

Thanks to: Kurla PO

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