Saturday, October 5, 2013


After Upgrading SpeedNet 4.0 while do BNPL Booking it shows error Message asBooking Restricted : Customer Not eligible to Book.
This type of error occurs due to the following reasons:


  • Agreement Period is expired.
  • Bill pending for Payment.

In SpeedNet 4.0 every BNPL Customer should be prepare and Generate Bill  in speednet module itself.

After Generate Pending bills then Move to Monthly Payment option.

For Pending Bills:
  1. Generate Bill for BNPL Customers.
  2. Make Payment using Monthly Payment option (Operator > BNPL > BNPL Customer >Monthly Payment).
   then Select Customer Name and Bill Month > Fetch  then update Payment for Pending Bills

Agreement Period Expired:
     Customer Agreement Period get expired after completion of Agreement period.
Note: Customer agreement will lapse in case of pending bills more than 2 months old and the customer status will be shown as Discontinued.

In case Agreement Period is lapsed/ Expired. New Agreement has to be made with customer for Continue BNPL Booking using the Following option.

For New agreement under Supervisor > BNPL > Customer Master > Agreement > Add option,
select the customer and complete the data entry.

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