Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fix: Speed Net 4.0 Article Invoice for delivery

           After update SpeedNet 4.0 while invoice Speed Post Articles it shows an error message as Could not find stored procedure 'ValidateBRSPBarcode'.

If auto bar code option is enabled in SpeedNet invoice for delivery, it will automatically closed after scanning / Entering the Article. 


Stored Procedure could not find 'ValidateBRSPBarcode' in SpeedNet 4.0 because of improper upgradation/ incomplete updates with error.

Kindly follow the instruction to do Successful SpeedNet 4.0 update, if you are facing the above error:

1. Download Extracted SpeedNet 4.0 exl from Potools/ Extract exl from SpeedNetOne Updater.

2. Execute Scripts using Script tool manually. If u have any errors send to CEPT, Mysore for solution.

3. After successful script updation. check and share the result with PoTools.

Common Download Link:

Sify Network Download Link:

- See more at: http://potools.blogspot.in/2013/09/fix-speed-net-40-article-invoice-for.html#sthash.3d8Rchfk.dpuf

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